Blue Angels flyover captured in San Diego CA


A professional photographer captured a magnificent breeze of Blue Angels flying over Miramar area in California.

2 Blue Angels were posturing for photos after their quick intersection at Miramar area in San Diego when the Blue Agels, the U.S. Navy's Fighter Jets, flew over.

" People started indicating the skies and also yelling when they saw them," Roderick Luna, the Product T-Shirt Professional photographer's, stated. "But they went by so quick I could not capture them." 

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The photographer got one more opportunity when Blue Angels suddenly flew over a 2nd time. This time, Rod got the image.

" We remained in the center of the field taking pictures and I started to yell for everybody to get ready because Blue Angels are coming," Rod said. "Everyone ran to theh center of the field and had a chance to get that impressive shot."